“I believe today's Modern Woman desires more opportunities to express her beauty! I love creating the space for women to do just that, in my studio, where we can have meaningful and fun conversations that allow me to capture who they really are in all the roles they play in this modern world.” - Gayle


"Gayle was wonderful to work with!  She knows exactly how to take her artistic vision and translate that to a personalized, tailored product.  Because I'm not usually photogenic, I was nervous about how I would look and feel in front of the camera; but Gayle's warm and personable demeanor put me at ease, even showing me a few shots to reassure me that whatever awkwardness I was feeling, was not coming through in the photos.  When I saw the final product, I was completely blown away!  Finally, I have some amazing photos of me - the way I always hoped I could look in photos." - Lindsay Anthon (Mom, Wife, Owner - Hopfields Restaurant) Austin, Texas