Client Reviews

“My daughter and I have been a part of the wedding industry for many years and are always immersed in all things wedding.  When it came time for her bridals we wanted something different, something unique from all the usual settings of a field or sunset, especially since that would be the wedding day backdrop. Knowing of Gayle’s magazine quality work and beautiful portrait photography she was a natural choice to fulfill our vision of exceptional photos of such a special moment.  We arrived to her studio to thoughtfully provided snacks and beverages and had a moment to just breathe before getting down to business.  Some people hate having their photo taken, some come to life, my daughter tends to lean towards the self-conscious side.  Gayle helped her through it, capturing the laughter and the moments of contemplation that each look gorgeous on a bride.  The fun for me, as mother of the bride, was to watch my daughter radiate joy in the moment and assist when needed with the veil and hair touch-ups and to laugh and share in this once in a lifetime moment.   I am so thankful for the gorgeous photos that Gayle captures as only she can, and that we will forever have them to remind us of this special moment." - Tricia Simmons (Mother of the Bride, Owner - Silo and Oak Wedding Venue) Belton, Texas

"I had recently been inspired to capture a very special time in my life.  A time when my mother, who lives across the country, was going to be here to spend some time with me and my daughters.  I realized that I truly treasure the time I spend with my mom and my girls, and want to hang on to that forever by getting portraits taken.   When looking for a photographer, I wanted a place that was comfortable for the kids, yet classy. I wanted to work with someone that has a passion for photographing women of all ages and would be able to relate to our span of ages being 6 to 65! I also did not want the typical little girl photos where they are dressed up in tutu's and bows.  I wanted an organic shoot, natural and magazine style.  Let me tell you.....Gayle delivered!!!  Her boutique style studio is beautiful and very comfortable.  Her personality literally made us all feel like we were supermodels for the day, and now my oldest is interested in photography.  We were greeted with a cup of tea and a smile while getting ready, and from there it was magic.  I am not used to being in front of the camera, and was a little nervous.  Gayle gave me exactly the direction I needed which resulted in me finally being happy with the way I appeared in photos.  Plus I learned a lot of tips for when posing in the future. If you've thought about having portraits of yourself, but were hesitant due to nerves or how you may appear....I would say Gayle is a great option because she will do a wonderful job helping you to look and feel gorgeous! " - Michelle McMillan (Mom, Wife, Owner - Mission Style House) Austin, Texas

"Gayle was wonderful to work with!  She knows exactly how to take her artistic vision and translate that to a personalized, tailored product.  Because I'm not usually photogenic, I was nervous about how I would look and feel in front of the camera; but Gayle's warm and personable demeanor put me at ease, even showing me a few shots to reassure me that whatever awkwardness I was feeling, was not coming through in the photos.  When I saw the final product, I was completely blown away!  Finally, I have some amazing photos of me - the way I always hoped I could look in photos." - Lindsay Anthon (Mom, Wife, Owner - Hopfields Restaurant) Austin, Texas

"I absolutely LOVED working with Gayle!  She made coming up with concepts for my fitness modeling head shots so easy & fun.  We were able to execute our plan & my photos turned out great! Convenient studio location & comfortable shoot all the way around. Thank you so much Gayle!" - Danielle Bryan  (Fitness Model, Owner - The Self Love Specialist) - Marble Falls, Texas

"Had the chance to work with Gayle, it's been a very professional experience, she's an amazing photographer, and so fun to work with. She made me feel so comfortable and has a really good eye to capture beauty. I would definitely recommend her to everyone." - Mayra Veronica Gonzalez (Model, Actress, Student) Austin, Texas

"When Gayle photographed our five year old daughters I was struck by her natural ability to capture their sweet personalities and young beauty.  She has an eye for light and composition that is uncanny and her photographs almost come across as paintings.  They are truly a work of art.  We will always cherish the photographs Gayle took of our daughters." - Amy Martin  (Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur) Austin, Texas

"Gayle's calm nature made me feel so relaxed and as a result, the photos she took were fabulous." - Christa Peyton (Mom, Wife, Real Estate Agent) Austin, Texas

"Very professional and her work is brilliant.  With the eye of an artist, she took the most beautiful pictures." - Allison Phillips (Mom, Wife, Owner - Backyard Fitness) Austin, Texas

"Made me feel BEAUTIFUL & ENERGETIC, she puts her subjects at ease while shooting and the camera picks that up." - Jana Seitz (Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur) Austin, Texas

"Phenomenal to work with.  Attentive, kind, fun and flat out fabulous at what she does." - Holly Townsend (Mom, Wife, Commercial Finance Executive) Austin, Texas

"A gift with photography and an amazing eye for detail.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat." -  Fernanda Quinete (Mom, Wife, Financial Advisor) Austin, Texas

"She is a joy to work with!" - Candi (Mom, Wife, Owner FoodHeads Cafe & Catering) Austin, Texas